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Brass Fittings

Brass fittings are made from brass Sizes are available on request.

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Product Description

Brass Fittings

1. Product Introduction

Hose fittings connect, control, redirect and terminate flow in piping and hose systems. They are made of brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel and other corrosion, pressure and wear resistant materials. Hose fittings come in various types of connections, including threaded connections, barb connections, push-in connections, dry disconnects, and other connections, including those based on internationally recognized codes. Hose couplings are used in systems such as air compressors, automated manufacturing operations, aircraft controls, and tire mounting in industries such as agriculture, mining, road construction, firefighting, and aviation.

Anderson Metals manufactures brass fittings, valves and fittings. The company was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)



Connector Type



3/8" Hose ID x 1/4" NPT Male

3.Product Feature And Application

Adapter for connecting hoses to male fittings of different diameters

Hose barb on one end and NPT male thread on the other

Brass has corrosion resistance, high temperature ductility and low magnetic permeability

Barbed fittings are used for a tight seal on the hose, NPT threads seal more tightly than straight threads

These fittings contain lead and are not permitted by federal law to be installed in the United States and its territories for drinking water.

4.Product Details

Made of high qualitybrass, it is a material with high strength, good toughness and is long lasting.

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