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Flange G Clamps

Flange G Clamps are made of galvanized steel for rectangular air duct work

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Flange G Clamps are an air duct fitting, also called air duct clamp, air duct flange G-clamp, they are usually used on air duct flange profiles for the HVAC and refrigeration sector, for rectangular air duct work and for connecting rectangular air conditioning ducts, they are galvanized and sometimes made of stainless steel.

Flange G Clamps are used to clamp Doby frames on larger ducts when individual corner bolts are not sufficient. Normally suitable for rectangular ducts from approx. 500 mm - clamps should be placed at intervals of every 300 mm to 500 mm depending on the duct pressure. Larger spacing can be used for larger profile frames.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

3.Product feature And Application

Flange G Clamps can be used for attaching ventilation ducts together. It is easy to operate by means of a M8 screw which you have to tighten.

4.Product Details

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