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Insulated Pair Coils

You can rest assured to buy Insulated Pair Coils from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. To connect the indoor and outdoor unit, Pre-Insulated Annealed Copper Pair Coil which reduces fitting time and gives a neater more durable finish. Suitable for 400 SeriesRefrigerants(R410a).

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Product Description

Insulated Pair Coils

1.Product Introduction

Insulated copper tube consists od seamless copper tube (Cu- DHP) with high quality insulation layer widely used for the installation of split air conditioners and refrigeration equipments.Copper tubes are produced according to ASTM B-280 with thetemper of soft annealed.

Insulation Layer

The insulation layer is made of cross linked foam polyethylene with closed cells. The insulation is covered with embossed polyethylene fifilm to prevent the foam creasing. 


· Saves Time and Money

· Installation using pre-insulated Pair Coils reduces fitting time and gives a neater more durable finish.

· High Quality Durable Insulation

· Manufactured from cross linked closed cell polyethylene with embossed polyethylene exterior for improved durability.

· Ease of Installation

· The insulated coating is durable and more resistant to abrasions than traditional materials. It is easier to install in tight spaces and reduces install time as the insulation doesn’t need to be measured, cut and threaded on as a separate job. Also, no glue, tapes or messy powder and no sealing joints every two metres- saves time.

3.Product Parameter (Specification)

Type CopperTube Size Diameterx Thickness



Single Coil 1/4" x 0.8mm 3m, 4m, 20m,or on request Brass nuts or cap
Single Coil 3/8" x 0.8mm
Single Coil 1/2" x 0.8mm
Single Coil 5/8" x 1.0mm
Single Coil 3/4Hx 1.0mm
Pair Coils 1/4" x 0.8mm -3/8" x 0.8mm
Pair Coils 1/4" x 0.8mm-1/2” x 0.8mm
Pair Coils 1/4" x 0.8mm-5/8" x 1.0mm
Pair Coils 3/8" x 0.8mm -1/2” x 0.8mm
Pair Coils 3/8" x 0.8mm-5/8" x 1.0mm
Pair Coils 3/8" x 0.8mm-3/4nx 1.0mm
Pair Coils 1/2" x 0.8mm-3/4" x 1.0mm

Thermal Conductivity (average temp.20° C) Kcal/mh° C Tensile Strength N/cm2 Water Absorption g/100cm2 Max.Temp.of Heat Resistant
WO. 037 324.5 WO. 01 120° C

4.Product Details

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