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Threaded Rods

Threaded rods, also known as studs, are rods with continuous threading on both ends and no head or fashioned tip. They can be used as an anchor bolt, clamp, hanger or U-bolt. The threaded rod may extend along the complete length of the rod.

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Product Description

Threaded Rods

1.Product Introduction

Threaded rods, also known as studs, are relatively long rods that are threaded at both ends; the threads can extend along the entire length of the rod. They are designed to be used under tension. Threaded rods in the form of rods are often referred to as fully threaded.

Steel Threaded rods are fasteners that provide good strength and durability for a variety of everyday fastening applications. They are manufactured to meet certain strength requirements and are indicated by ASTM grade (for imperial fasteners) or grade (for metric fasteners). These steel fasteners have male threads along their entire length to allow full engagement with the nut when assembling the part.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)



3.Product feature And Application 

● SuperAir Galvanized Threaded rods are designed for projects where rusting is likely to occur and painting is not required.
● galvanized steel gives the steel a clean, bright appearance and also protects it from rusting
● Made in China from mild steel
● Commonly used for hangers, floor bolts, U-bolts and clamps
● Machining methods include drilling, machining, sawing, stamping and forming

4.Product Details

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