The role of spiral duct


Spiral air duct machine is used to produce spiral air duct. This kind of air duct is used in all kinds of military industry, and also used in the manufacture of ventilation pipe and exhaust pipe of train and subway and other facilities in our life. Good quality spiral duct operation without big noise, no leakage, good corrosion resistance. The spiral air duct machine was originally manufactured and developed by Switzerland, and Our country has always relied on imports. However, later our country also developed the spiral air duct machine by relying on the introduction of advanced technology.

Spiral air duct machine, is the production of spiral air duct machine. Spiral duct, also known as spiral seam thin wall pipe, was first applied to the military industry of western countries, such as naval ships, ships exhaust (send) wind system, and later used in trains, subways, mines and other civil facilities. By 2000, according to statistics, spiral air ducts had reached 95.6% in office buildings, shopping malls and subways in the United States, and 72.5% in central air conditioning in civil houses.

Product compatibility is good, high degree of standardization; Strong tightness; Low ventilation loss; Ventilation noise is small, round pipe is better than square pipe. Factory inspection is convenient; Anti-equilibrium external pressure (negative pressure) procedure; Material province; Easy installation, less connection points, small installation space position, low installation cost. Installation overall layout beautiful, high grade. Convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning. Small wet section, small resistance along the path, less energy loss. All mechanical processing, one molding without secondary processing. High speed flying cutting machine, high precision pipe diameter. It is more convenient to install by using four ways of reducing diameter sleeve, casing interconnecting, flange interconnecting and belt interconnecting. The external insulation quality of the pipe is better than that of the rectangular duct.

1. Air supply: including ventilation, such as fresh air and exhaust, this range is very wide, such as factory workshop, production site air, due to harmful gases need to be discharged outdoors, but also need to transport outdoor air to indoor. At this time, it is necessary to use large flow and small pressure air transport pipe, spiral air pipe is the most suitable, generally use galvanized iron pipe, corrosive and especially humid places to use stainless steel pipe. The cold wind. The most common is the central air conditioning pipe, this pipe need to add insulation material. Spiral air duct can be affixed with thermal insulation material, beautiful appearance.

2. Exhaust oil smoke: restaurants, hotels have a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen, need to discharge, the use of circular air duct is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral duct should be called lampblack pipe; Dust removal. Some factories have a lot of dust in their production workshops, and special dust removal devices are needed. For pipes with large wind flow, spiral air ducts can be used. Bulk material handling. In the production process of some factories, loose particles need to be transported, especially those with small proportion, such as foam plastic particles, which use spiral duct with low cost and good effect.

Spiral duct has a very wide range of applications. Air return duct of purification system, central air conditioning ventilation duct, industrial air supply and exhaust ventilation duct, environmental protection system suction and exhaust duct, mine drainage gas pipe, mine coated duct, etc. Spiral air duct is first used for ventilation and cooling, so it is classified as air duct. This is the name given according to its use, but it can be used in other places, even for drainage, discharge of liquids or containers, which can not be called a duct. According to the structure, it should be called spiral seam thin wall pipe, because it is mainly made of metal and called spiral seam metal pipe. If named according to material classification, there may be several names: galvanized (iron) spiral tube, stainless steel spiral tube, aluminum spiral tube, or in order to distinguish from the existing stainless steel tube, it can be called ultra-thin stainless steel tube, because it can be used 0.3 mm or even thinner stainless steel belt rolling system.
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