Calibration specification for damping oscillating wave simulators


Damped oscillating wave simulator includes damped oscillating wave generator, coupled decoupling network and capacitive coupling clamp. The damped oscillation wave generator consists of a slow damped oscillation wave (oscillation frequency between 100kHz and 1MHz) signal generator and a fast damped oscillation wave (oscillation frequency above 1MHz) signal generator. The slow damping oscillation wave generator is used to simulate the switching of the isolation switch in the outdoor HV/MV substation and the background disturbance of the factory, while the fast damping oscillation wave generator is used to simulate the disturbance caused by switching equipment and control equipment, and the disturbance caused by high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP). Coupling decoupling network can be divided into power line coupling decoupling network and interconnection line coupling decoupling network. Each coupling decoupling network consists of two parts: coupling network and decoupling network. The characteristics of damping oscillating wave simulator mainly include open circuit voltage waveform parameters and short circuit current waveform parameters.
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