Circular Ducting Iris Dampers
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Circular Ducting Iris Dampers

Circular Ducting Iris Dampers for Circular Ductwork - accurate and quick airflow control

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Product Description

Circular Ducting Iris Dampers

1.Product Introduction

SuperAir Circular Ducting Iris Dampers are balancing dampers used for adjustment and measurement of airflow in the circular ductwork. Its name  “iris” comes from the special construction of the regulation plates mechanism - iris-like - which works similarly to the camera lens shutters, i.e. it minimises the overall dimensions of the damper orifice (opening). 

SuperAir Circular Ducting Iris Dampers are a perfect airflow control and measuring device for round ducts. The dampers are suitable for ducts with a diameter of 80 mm to 800 mm. The iris dampers have an adjustable control panel and can therefore regulate the airflow. This control is independent of the direction of airflow and is operated by a lever. The dampers also give a low sound level, so the system remains very quiet. Using a manometer, the airflow can easily be measured so that the iris dampers can be adjusted to the desired opening.

1.With the IRIS damper the intensity of air flow may be continuously adjusted.
2. Adjustment is done with a handle on the damper which changes the diameter of the opening in the damping orifice.
3. Supplied with two endings which maybe used to connect instrumentation measuring the intensity of air flow.
4. Also supplied with a gasket which tightens the connection with the system.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

2.Product Feature And Application

Quick, silent and efficient – these are the distinctive features of the Circular Ducting Iris Dampers used to adjust and measure air flow.
Circular Ducting Iris Dampers allow for quick and exact regulation and control of the airflow. They work very well wherever accurate airflow adjustment and individual control over the comfort conditions and parameters are required.
● Low sound level
 Operation independent of current direction
 Fully open for channel cleaning
 Robust construction
 Lever for adjusting control plates

3.Product Details

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