Capillary Copper Tube
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Capillary Copper Tube

Capillary Copper Tube are made from cooper Sizes are available on request.

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Product Description

Capillary Copper Tube

1. Product Introduction

Excellent plasticity, easy to process under hot and cold pressure.

Copper tubes are hollow and therefore have strong heat transfer capabilities.

If you need a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, this is a good choice.

1. As a refrigerator tube

Copper refrigeration pipes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and durability.

Mainly used for heat exchange of refrigerators, freezers and other equipment.

2. Copper tube as cooling system

Perfect for your cooling projects.

It has good heat dissipation and cooling capacity and high low temperature strength.

Specifications: The outer diameter of the refrigeration pipe is 3mm, the inner diameter is 2mm, and the total length is 6.5Ft/2m (size: 1/8" outer diameter X 5/64" inner diameter X 6.5 inches long).

Efficiency: Good heat dissipation and cooling capacity, high strength at low temperature. The copper tube is hollow and has strong heat transfer capacity.

Features: T2 copper is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, oxidation, durability, long service life, etc.

Hose: Because refrigeration copper pipes can be bent and deformed, they can often be made into elbows and joints. Smooth bending allows the copper tube to be bent at any angle.

Uses: Not only used in refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners as refrigeration coils, but also as pipes for HVAC systems.

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